About Us


Ahoy, buckos! We be BuyPirateCostumes.com, and we’ve been sailin' the internet waters since November of 2005. We carry hundreds of different pirate costumes in all shapes and sizes, from inexpensive party costumes to authentic, high quality costumes, as well as hundreds of different accessories and decorations to mix and match with the costumes to get the perfect pirate look. We’re a family owned and operated company out of southern Minnesota, and we love pirates enough to make a normal landlubber walk the plank!


Around here, we eat, drink, and breathe pirate! We’re always on the lookout for great new costumes and accessories to sell to our customers and add to our own collection! You might have seen us before staking out local pirate and renaissance festivals, filming silly pirate videos, or just talking like a pirate to strangers around us. There’s no one who knows more about pirate speak, pirate history, and throwing pirate-themed parties than we do. We also throw a pirate boat party once a year where we get together to drink grog, sing shanties, and celebrate all things pirate!


At BuyPirateCostumes.com, the only thing we take more seriously than pirates is our customers. What sets us apart from other pirate websites is our tireless dedication to each and every order. From our telephone customer service representatives to our warehouse and shipping staff, every single order is handled carefully and efficiently to ensure the customer gets their order on time and is completely satisfied with the product. From placing your order online or by phone, to receiving the order in the mail, and following up on any additional questions or concerns, you won’t find a better pirate costume experience than BuyPirateCostumes.com!